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Rip Terrel

From The Day I Met You It Has Always Been A Love Hate Relationship Constantly Arguing Like Brother Sister You & Nico Beating Down My Door To Get Snacks , And Get Mad When We Gave You Water,Or You Trying To Sexually Harass My Mom, To You Getting On My Nerves In High School ,Or You Telling My Mom About My Bad Myspace Songs, Seeing You Walk Down The Hall When You Graduated, Seeing You Cruise Around Harmony In Your Moms Car, Seeing You Cut Off Peoples Lights In The Neighborhood To Be Annoying, Seeing You Become A Dad, You Were Apart Of My Childhood Growing Up In Ptc & I Never In A Million Years Could Picture You Leaving So Soon, Its So Hard For Me Cause I Grew Up With You, You Were Always There I Had Too See You Either School, Mailbox, The Park, The Center, Tacobell ,Somewhere And Now I Have To Say Goodbye, I Havent Talked To You In A While Or Seen You Because Everyones Doing There Own Thing, But You Didnt Deserve This At All, I Wish I Could Of Seen You Just One More Time, This Is So Hard To Me Because Im Used To Losing Family Members But Childhood Friends I Never Would Of Seen That Coming But Rest In Paradise Terrell My Prayers Go Out To Your Mom & Your Son You Left To Soon But You Will Be Missed Dearly